Introduction to HDD Market, Role of HDDA

Speaker: Don Riggs, Future Infrastructure


Battling Geology: Patience in HDD

Speaker: Jason Hockran, H&H Enterprises

Promote healthy HDD practices, and train and develop HDD options in a challenging geology.


Lifecycle of Bentonite: From the Earth and Back

Speaker: Clint Pitman, Drilling Mud Direct

This presentation will offer a unique look at how the life blood of any drilling operations comes from the Earth; gets to the mill, a bag, the rig; and then returns back to the ground.


Optimizing Vacuum Excavator Usage on HDD Projects

Speakers: Jake Jeffords, Vermeer M/V Solutions; Steve Sellenriek, Sellenriek Construction

Learn how to determine the appropriate size/type of vacuum excavator for specific job needs, thereby optimizing a contractor’s workforce and maximizing productivity.


Combined Use of HDPE and RJ-DIP for HDD Installation

Speakers: Matthew Olson, Lithos Engineering; Troy Tumbleson, ECI Contracting

Learn the complications requiring this dual pipe type, the connection methods used to transition from one material to the other, and risk mitigation strategies employed to make for a successful project.


Lowest Tooling Cost Per-Foot Drilling: Case Studies

Speakers: Michale Rybak and Brad Reinsel, InRock Drilling Systems

This broad topic discusses many technical details around the tooling selection process which can help inform someone new to the industry or an industry vet be more profitable.


Case Study: Lake Sakakawea, ND 15,426’ HDD Intersect

Speakers: Jim Cloud and Tom Forconi, Brownline USA

Learn details of completing a long HDD intersect, including how the gyroscopic steering tool and radar intersect technology function and contribute to success, through proper design and execution plan based on the geologic conditions provided in the technical report.


Maxi Rig Communication Standard Operating Procedures

Speaker: Chad Burns, Hard Rock Infrastructure Services

Develop safe communication protocols for entry and exit side maxi-rig operations.