Wednesday, Feb. 8


Preparing for Electric Grid Hardening
Speakers: Brandon Wagner & Clint Recker, Vermeer

Hardening the electric grid will be a massive undertaking for everyone involved in the underground construction industry. This presentation will provide insight into why this transition is happening, what the potential construction market is now and in the future, and the type of equipment required.


Sustainable Grid Expansion: Trenchless Installation Technologies for Underground Cables
Speaker: Simon Herrenknecht, Herrenknecht AG

Within the expansion of renewable energies and related power grids, safety and environmental concerns play a major role. This presentation gives an overview, lessons learned and milestones achieved in the latest “smart” technologies for installing underground cables in coastal areas and under obstacles: HDD, Direct Pipe and E-Power Pipe.


Expanding Opportunities in Renewable Energy
Speakers: Brandon Wagner, Vermeer; Cory Baker & Cory Seago, Hard Rock Infrastructure Services

Gain a better perspective of the work involved with building out renewable energy sources, the phases of renewable projects, and the equipment involved from Hard Rock Directional Drilling and Vermeer personnel’s discussion of their work on projects.