Tuesday, Feb. 7


Subsurface Condition Assessments
Speaker: Gabe Enekes, OmniVueNDT

Learn about SCA, a qualitative ground investigation process for locating unknown buried anomalies, thereby improving risk assessment and supporting safe work practices. It is typically carried out with joint geophysical applications, such as GPR, line locator and 3D Laser Scanner.


Damage-Prevention Field Auditing & OQ Oversight
Speaker: Warren Miller, Industrial Training Services

Contracting out damage prevention-related tasks, such as line locating, is a cost-effective solution to ensuring utilities maintain compliance with state and federal regulations and industry-leading damage prevention programs. The presentation will discuss the importance of damage prevention field audits and oversight over Operator Qualifications.


Proper Potholing Technique for Vacuum Excavators
Speaker: Chris Thompson, Ditch Witch

Learn about the proper vacuum excavation potholing technique which is crucial for infrastructure damage prevention. Specifically, this includes nozzle and gun considerations to ensure proper PSI is being used to excavate, and correct handling techniques to help protect the various types of utilities being exposed.


Outside the Box: Leveraging New Technology in Excavation Shoring Systems
Speaker: Bruce Magee, United Rentals

Contractors face a multitude of challenges and conflicts when trying to access underground work spaces. This session introduces new technology in excavation shoring systems that allowed a contractor to overcome these challenges, and safely and efficiently rehabilitate a 23-foot deep sewer system in a congested urban area.


Accident Awareness & Loss Prevention for Waterworks-Related Tools
Speaker: Rusty Nezat, Nezat Training & Consulting

Provide operators with real-life examples and practical safety information to bring renewed emphasis to three wastewater-related tools with inherent dangers for workers: pneumatic plugs, high-pressure nozzles, high-pressure hose systems.


Best Practices using Photoionization Detection in CIPP Installation
Speaker: Dennis Pivin, Insituform Technologies

Provide clients and end users with an understanding of how best to use photoionization detectors to conducting on-site risk assessments and use the data to develop risk-management plans as it pertains to the CIPP installation process.