Wednesday, Feb. 8


Manhole Cover Impact on I&I and SSOs’ Public Enemy #1
Speaker: Eric Dupre, Texas Infra Group

Data collected from research tests and information compiled over the last 30-plus years will show how bad an impact vented, unsealed manhole covers have on an entire sewer system. Also learn what technology is currently available to prevent billions of gallons of annual overflows into our living environment.


Removing Hard Blockages & CIPP Failures in 3″ to 8″ Pipes
Speaker: Dave McArthur, Picote Solutions

See and learn about newer, more-effective pipe cleaning equipment, methods and tooling options for removing hard blockages and failed CIPP liners from smaller-diameter (3 to 8 inches) pipes. The presentation also includes a case study of a project carried out in London, UK


Benefits, Lessons Learned from Proactive SSES Program
Speakers: Stephen Johnson & Mazen Kawasmi, Freese and Nichols

This presentation focuses on the benefits and lessons learned from the City of Richardson’s proactive SSES program. The City committed to inspecting its full wastewater system in six years and is on track to do so. In the process, the City has gained valuable insight into the collection system.


Modeling I&I: Non-Traditional Tool for City-Wide Reduction Solutions
Speakers: Tristan Nickel & Jason Maldonado, RJN Group; Fazle Rabbi, City of Houston

Learn about the creation and calibration of a flow monitoring model to assist in determining cost-effective I&I reduction solutions for Houston’s sanitary sewer system. The new tool identifies defects across 1,500 flow meter basins and for each, estimates how much I&I and where it’s coming from, based on GIS data.


How to Execute a Private Property I&I Inspection Program
Speakers: Matt Grandinetti & Stuart Tillery, Duke’s Root Control

Utilities have spent years repairing the public infrastructure only to find that there is still I&I. It’s time to start looking at the private systems. This presentation explains how the Dallas Area Municipal Authority executed a 7,000-parcel inspection program with successful results.