Digital Ecosystems in the Industrial Sector
Speaker: Chris Zenthoefer, McElroy

Digital ecosystems are often considered in legacy industries, but often fail to gain needed traction. Through this presentation on McElroy’s approach and progress in making more efficient use of technology with limited resources, learn the key characteristics of a digital ecosystem and how they can be applied in industrial sectors.


Monoform Plus: Long-Term Trenchless Rehab Solution
Speaker: Mike Ingham & Jake Nanti, HK Solutions Group

Understand how the Monofom+ trenchless rehabilitation system uses two-part technology to give the structure a full, concrete manhole with an HDPE thermoplastic membrane. It provides a much longer lifespan and a problem-free solution, with I&I protection that can be installed in areas where high groundwater backpressure is expected or encountered.


Hybrid Felt for CIPP Strengths Pipe, Reduces Cost
Speakers: Vincent Gallacher, Textech Industries; Steve Watkins, Innovations Amplified

Traditional CIPP base material is 100% polyester felt. Learn how adding a percentage of glass staple fiber in the blend increases overall strength and allows for a considerable savings in material costs due to less resin needed to maintain the strength requirements of the finished CIPP product.


Pressure Pipe Management: You Have Options
Speakers: Jimmy Stewart, CPM Pipelines; Eric Driessen, Acquaint

A comprehensive overview of the technologies and risk-based approaches in the inspection of pressure pipes, including desktop analysis, internal and external inspections, and validation tools. Also, learn about a new technology available in the US that can inspect all material types – ferrous and non-ferrous pipelines – with a high-level resolution deliverable.


Automotive Style Technology Pushes Fusion Industry Forward
Speaker: Brett Stone, McElroy

New, integrated software for McElroy’s fusion line incorporates automobile style technology into construction equipment that enables increased safety, quality, and reliability. This Tracstar iSeries also helps new operators be more proficient quickly and allows experienced operators to focus their energy on higher-value activities.


Mechanical Reinstatement of Service Connections in CIPP-Lined Pressure Pipes
Speaker: Steve Soldati, P.E., Aegion

Understand the state of technology for trenchless structural rehabilitation of municipal potable water distribution lines, and options for reinstatement of service connections. Focuses on mechanical fittings, inserted robotically into the service after lining, to create a watertight seal that eliminates bond or adhesion between host pipe and CIPP.