Wednesday, Feb. 8


Water System Sustainability using Unidirectional Flushing: Utility Success Stories
Speakers: Pamela Kerns, Kelcia Mazana & Emily Williamson, CHA Consulting Inc.

Learn about a best management practice and cost-effective pipe maintenance technique that minimizes the volume of flushing water use, versus conventional methods, while still creating pipe scouring velocities. The presentation will feature key components and success stories of a UDF program for small, medium, and large water utilities.


SAPL Geopolymer Lining of Storm Systems in Central Florida
Speakers: Andrew Costa, Insituform Technologies; Joe Royer, Ph.D., GeoTree Solutions

Explore the materials selection process for three infrastructure projects in Florida, including feasibility analysis of the trenchless rehabilitation options, an overview of the geopolymer materials utilized during construction and the triple 96-inch corrugated culverts project details that provided a fully structural rehabilitation solution.


Coatings are Stupid: You are the Brains Behind a Successful Project
Speaker: Tom Godbey, Standard Cement Materials Inc.

Through a detailed look at available coating systems, gain knowledge and understanding to confidently choose the best solution for your rehab project.