Case Studies on UV CIPP Point Repairs for Rapid Response to Defect Correction

Speakers: Kent Corbin, NuFlow Phoenix; Josh Victorino, NuFlow Technologies

Through case studies, learn how advanced specification of acceptable defect repair utilizing UV CIPP point repairs can provide efficient resolution to avoid delays in project completion and payment.


Safe Traffic Control & Work-Zone Safety for Construction Crews

Speaker: Dennis Pivin, NASSCO

Learn how to best protect workers and motorists, by understanding traffic-control devices – safety cones, barricades and signage – and how to set them up to promote the orderly movement of all travelers on roadways and safety of workers during construction. Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) will serve as guidance.


Remote Sewer Saddle Connections for Pipe Bursting

Speaker: Ted Dimitroff, Trenchless Consulting LLC

Learn about remote sewer saddle connections, using electro-fusion fittings, which are cleaner, safer and have reduced social impact when connecting to new pipe.


Developments in Composite Manhole Covers Help Solve Leading Cause of Water Pollution

Speaker: Chad Nunnery, Composite Access Products

Learn about how Composite Manhole covers are more effective than traditional covers.