HDD Contractors Roundtable

Speaker: Gary Davidson, Drilltech Inc.

An annual audience favorite, select HDD contractors will discuss current industry issues, concerns and needs in an interactive format.


HDD Contractors Small Rigs Roundtable

Moderator: Mark Foulon, Vermeer Texas-Louisiana 

Panelists: Don Riggs, Future Infrastructure; Josh Tucker, Online Directional Boring LP; Jim Watland, Watland, Custom Underground LLC

This new Roundtable focuses on the small rig market and the challenges faced by contractors as the pressure to build out the nation’s fiber networks, at record speed, continues. Plus, the electric and water markets are intensifying, as well.


Converging HDD Technologies Expand Opportunities

Speaker: Matthew Patterson and Reid Caspary, Sharewell HDD;  Dan Ombalski, Ellingson DTD

An engaging case study about overcoming many challenges to achieve a successful bore using gyroscopic steering (GST) and HDD tools that allow the navigation and installation of environmental wells in single-ended boreholes. It will also give attendees an opportunity to reflect on other specialty applications of HDD to grow our industry.


HDD Hall of Fame Interactive Conversations

  • Mary Andringa, Vermeer
  • Jim Agnew, InRock
  • Steve Akerman, Akerman Construction