Tuesday, Feb. 7


Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: Examining the Status of Federal Infrastructure Investment
Speaker: Zack Perconti, Government Affairs Solutions

Understand the current status of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, what federal dollars have reached the market, what remains in the pipeline, and what challenges the industry is facing in implementing the trillion dollar bill.


Pilot Tube Guided Boring Installs New Sanitary Sewer in Milwaukee
Speakers: Jeffrey Boschert, National Clay Pipe Institute; Ryan Haubenschild, Bore Master

This Milwaukee, WI, case study discusses the specific pilot tube guided boring method utilized and the reasons it was chosen to install 1,900 LF of 21” VCP gravity sanitary sewer at depths to 25’, design considerations, construction process, and its social impact on the City and surrounding area.


Pilot Tube Method for Emergency Repair of Sanitary Sewer in Memphis
Speakers: Steve Matheny, P.E., Logan Clay Products; Tommy Sander, P.E., Memphis Road Boring

Details about the use of the pilot tube method to reduce impact on the city’s residents and businesses during emergency repair of a collapsed 12” sanitary sewer, at an average depth of 30 feet.


Electric Auger Boring Machine: Regulation & Performance Benefits
Speaker: Richard Levings, American Augers

Learn how the shift to electric equipment, specifically electric auger boring machines, not only helps contractors comply with increased environmental regulations, but provides quieter job sites and enhanced equipment performance. Also learn about a Swedish contractor’s successful implementation and use of an electric auger boring machine.


New Technology in Vacuum Excavation Machinery
Speaker: Jake Jeffords, Vermeer

Gain insights into the Vermeer XR2, the first vacuum excavator that can separate solids from liquids, why this type of technology is essential to the industry, what’s involved with bringing a new machine to the market, and thoughts on where that market is going in the future.