Proactive Approach Reduces Excavation Costs with 3D Gyroscopic Mapping in Houston

Speakers: Daniel Oefner, City of Houston-Public Works; Santosh Saride, Prisum Technologies

Gain the ability to map underground utilities with advanced technological developments of gyroscopic mapping probe for aged and newly installed HDD pipelines, ranging in size from 3” to 30”. Produces highly accurate, 3D as-built maps and open-platform data that can seamlessly load to any GIS database system.


Trends in Assessing Metallic Water Pipelines

Speaker: Christopher Kyea, P.E., Pure Technologies

Introduce a new, higher-resolution ultrasonic inspection technology that can be deployed on the free-swimming delivery platform. It offers all the benefits for inserting and traversing a waterline with butterfly valves, but also increases the resolution for wall loss detection to a 2-inch square area with 20% minimum wall loss, or a smaller 1-inch square area with 40% wall loss.


Introduction to Manufactured-In-Place Composite Pipe (MICP)

Speakers: Luke Kunkel and Anthony Lane, SippTech LLC

Learn about a new-to-market, innovative technology – manufactured-in-place composite pipe (MICP) – that will likely be a driving force for the future of pipe rehabilitation solutions. SippTech is working to establish ASTM standards specific to MICP because it goes above and beyond any current sprayed-on technology published standards.


Polymeric Spray-Applied Linings for Pressure & Gravity Pipelines

Speakers: Sanaz Ghalambor, Nukote Coating Systems International LLC; Kawalpreet Kaur and Mohammad Najafi, Ph.D., University of Texas-Arlington

Provide knowledge and education to understand the application of polymeric spray-applied pipe lining (SAPL) for the rehabilitation and renewal process – from planning to the inception phase – and the benefits of this application.