HDDA Introduction
Robert Myers & Cory Baker, HardRock Infrastructure Services

Learn about the new HDD association for small- to large-rig operators.


Long Pulls by Horizontal Directional Drilling
Speakers: Chad Andrews, Underground Solutions Inc.; Jose Pereira, P.E., Dewberry

Learn how HDD provides a viable solution to challenging crossings for water, sewer, gas, conduit and casings, through a review of maxi rigs sizes and capabilities, locating technologies, material properties and methodologies, examples, case studies and a drone video of pulls greater than 5,000 LF.


Drillguide Radar Intersect Technology
Speakers: Tom Forconi & Jim Cloud, Brownline USA

A comprehensive session on the Brownline Drillguide Radar system for intersects, which is used in conjunction with the proven Drillguide GST. These industry-leading technologies allow for safe and accurate intersects in any location, with a proven track record of 727,000 feet of successful intersect drills completed.


Optimizing Tooling Selection to Achieve Lowest Cost-Per-Foot Drilling
Speakers: Brad Reinsel, InRock Drilling Systems

How can tooling selection help drilling contractors accomplish the goal of increasing profitability? Inrock will discuss a technical framework for making tooling decisions that will help even the most-savvy driller become more successful.


What’s in Drilling Fluid & How is it Used?
Speakers: Cory Baker, HardRock Infrastructure Services; Don White, DSC Fluid Solutions

This presentation will cover facts about the additives in drilling fluids and how these materials are used in everyday life, explain each additive used in the drilling process, and describe the testing that makes sure each additive is doing its job to make the drilling fluid do what’s intended.


Mud Recycling & Shaker Screens 101
Speakers: Clint Pitman, Drilling Mud Direct; Ben Clark, Derrick Equipment

Presentation on the basics of good mud cleaning, why the correct screen choice is so important, and how it can save time and money.